Made memories at the DIS Festival today!

Afterward, my friend and I went to Slurp Ramen Joint near Nørreport to reminisce on the semester and celebrate creating our own video games. While enjoying the ramen and the cute vibes of the restaurants, it really hit us that after a life-changing five months, we may never see each other again. I’m not going to say that we started crying in the middle of a ramen shop, but that revelation really hit us hard. I think the festival solidified the end of our semester and our time together. Still, we parted ways with a faint hope that we’ll cross paths again.

The DIS Festival is a time for students to showcase our work, mingle, and celebrate all that we have accomplished this semester. As part of Game Development, we presented our video games to all festival-goers. It was interesting to see how those who had not studied game development or were even familiar with games approached our games. One of my photos is of me trying out my classmates’ VR game which was super cool!

Super embarrassed to say that it took me having two days left in Copenhagen to finally ride a bicycle like a true Dane. The original plan was for my friend and I to bike to Amagerstrand Park and watch the sunset. But after 4 wrong turns and rusty cycling skills, let’s just say I was happy we made it to the beach while it was still light out. Oh and after that whole fiasco, no surprise that we unanimously decided to take the metro home.

Just like that, I said goodbye to so many friends and connections that I have during my time abroad. Even though this chapter of my life is ending, I still feel as though I am in denial, that I will always wake up in Copenhagen. Granted, I don’t know if will ever be completely ready to let go of the life I have built here. Maybe tomorrow…


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  1. Daphne Mack says:

    Friendships are built around the world demonstrating th


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