In the end, a day is a mere 24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86400 seconds, etc. — in short, too little time to say goodbye to Copenhagen. With one day left in Denmark, I am proud of what I accomplished: waking up early (for once) to enjoy a morning walk, submitting my 10-page philosophy final, climbing the Church of Our Savior (the view, evidently, warranted the infinite stairs we climbed), zipping down the slide in the Danish Architecture Center, and sunbathing in ├śrestedsparken. I shared some heartfelt goodbyes with those I got to know better in Copenhagen and those I was fortunate to meet through DIS. I think, as I rode the M3 home for one of the last times, I finally realized that the end is here, no longer in the arbitrary distance; the countdown is over. But hold your tears folks, for I have an official farewell/farvel (to Copenhagen, to Denmark, and to you all) coming soon.


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